The Best and Other Relative Words

 There’s a saying in our world that goes like this… “It’s not personal, it’s business.” Well every photographer I have ever known cannot tell you how un-true that statement is!

It IS SO PERSONAL to us! So whether you select your photographer by pricing or by other personal criteria, just know that when you select me, it’s personal to me….and I try to give you the BEST me possible!

Which brings me to that word…BEST. I was alerted a few weeks ago that this was going on, then again this morning. I chuckled because some of THE BEST photographers I know in the UPSTATE are some of my VERY BEST friends. So, with all due respect to all of the choices out there-so many choices-if you have worked with me and like what I’ve delivered, it would be fun to get your vote. My identity is not riding on winning, but sometimes it’s humbling and fun to be nominated.

Vote HERE for Greenville Online’s BEST PHOTOGRAPHER in the UPSTATE award.

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