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The Wind

“I shall stay until the wind changes.” -Mary Poppins Seasons are funny things. The anticipation of theirView full post »

Alex and Michelle Hill

Michelle is possibly the sweetest person on earth and everyone who knows her is not the least bit offended that I’View full post »

Alex and Myles Whitlock

When Alex began talking about her wedding reception being a surprise fiesta for Myles, who teaches Spanish, I knew sheView full post »

Pitman-Davis Wedding

On May 30, 2015 Morgan and Justin began their adventure as husband and wife. Everytime  I would get an update on  View full post »

The Best and Other Relative Words

 There’s a saying in our world that goes like this… “It’s not personal, it’s business.&#View full post »

She became a Mrs

Meet Miss Morgan. Tonight she became a Mrs! This is one precious girl-beautiful inside-and out and she was an absolutelyView full post »

Young-Jacobson Wedding

I’ve affectionately  nicknamed Kaylin and Max “the cow people” all year-not because they ride horsesView full post »

Fowler-Skelton Wedding

“Put your marriage first” was the charge his head pastor gave the youth minister as he stood at the altarView full post »

Graduation x 2

In the next 42 days both of my kids will wear caps and gowns….grace appreciated…and a tissue if you’re nearbyView full post »

Salley-Banks Wedding

It’s a Salley Wedding Sequel! I told  Wanda I couldn’t believe her daughters did this to her…2 weddingsView full post »

Willard Wedding

Our family was immediately enamored with this witty intern that stepped on campus at Grace a few years ago. Everytime  View full post »

Andrea and Dan: Their Intimate December Wedding!

I love the huge southern weddings where the wedding party resembles a choir and the guest list goes on and on and theView full post »

Wedding Season is Open

“Wedding Season”  traditionally has meant  June- for many many decades. But the wedding season of thisView full post »

Lockridge-Burns Wedding

Chelea and Jordan were married in a gorgeous summer celebration surrounded by lots of people who love them!  FromView full post »

Dunlap-Renfro Wedding

We use the word “sweet” around these parts to describe everything from newborn babies to iced tea, so excuseView full post »