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    Its those sparkling eyes and soft little toes, a head thrown back in a full belly laugh, the lingering embraces of new love and love that has weathered the storms; Its the giddy giggles, tears of joy, longing glances, and so many more holy moments of life that you've allowed me to share with you
    ...that has kept me captivated for more than a dozen years.

    Thank you for inviting and trusting me, not only to cover your story, but to become a part of it as well!

    Who could ask for a better life than this? I am so grateful!

Baby Julia is on the Way!

It such a sweet celebration as we showered Angie with girlie things for baby Julia! Girl things are so precious! Julia has PLENTY of pink to start life in! (I wish I’d loved pink as much when my princess was born 12 years ago as I do now!) I cannot wait to meet her…Angie’s maternity session will be coming soon, hopefully. Until then, here are some shots of the party…

To see the show, Click here!

Loft Sessions!

OK, I’ve been talking about it for a while now and I’m super excited to be celebrating the Grand Opening of my Loft on April 1! If you book your loft session now (for after April1) you’ll receive 25% off photo purchase just for celebrating with me!  Here are a few Answers for you-

The loft is my bonus room in our new home-serving as my office and indoor natural light “studio”. The dream of it started as I increased the amount of baby sessions I was doing in people’s homes-some with gorgeous lighting, some…well too dark for gorgeous photos.

My main clients I expect for loft sessions are:

1-Expectant moms-Maternity sessions have always been a challenge for me-now I have a place to photograph you best!

2-Newborn Babies-I still offer hospital sessions, but for the family who’d rather wait until things settle down a bit, I’d love for you to think of bringing your newborn here within the first 2-3 weeks!

3-Older Babies-It has been a challenge to do outdoor sessions of babies who can’t sit on their own and aren’t being photographed with mom and dad…now I have a place to photograph them in special outfits and/or without clothes (outdoor was never good for that!)

4-Clients who want an indoor session “just because“. The loft is set up to do photographs of small groups of 1-3 easily. For larger families, you will want to consider my outdoor portrait sittings instead-I’ve been doing those for years! (Sitting fees are different for on location sessions.)

5-Special Occasions-I’m super excited about this year’s Christmas tree sessions in the loft! Last season my friend Emily was gracious to let me use her gorgeous home for tree sessions…and this year I’m counting on her to help me make the loft beautiful as we schedule sessions here in early November. Also, I missed the first of the year holidays for 09, but in 2010 we’ll be looking at Valentine sessions and Easter bunny sessions-so stay tuned!

I’ve had a few of my friends and family helping me promote The Loft Sessions by coming by this week for photos-so you can see what’s in store! Here are my nieces from yesterday…more to come…


There are many more-you know you can torture family! (heehee) Check out their show here!

Happy Birthday, Cohen!

I’m not sure what to say except that we serve a powerful God who is ABLE to do all things! Last Friday night we celebrated that not only is He able, He did it! God gave us a miracle in Cohen…and so what are we left to do except worship Him. Worship, Celebrate, Dedicate…and then some cake! Sweet Cohen, you are a blessing! Happy Birthday!

To see his celebration show, Click HERE!

Post lull

I believed it when I posted the “Spring is Coming” blog entry! My family was recovering from the flu when I saw the blooms in my backyard that offered a hope that winter, with all the things it brings that isolate us, is almost over…well…little did I know that winter had an encore in store for us! Days of rain followed by a beautiful true snow that covered the upstate in a matter of hours cut into my already delayed packing and left us without power for 2.5 days! (I really am NOT a snow fan!) We “moved” into the new house, which did have power and after a long week of going back and forth with and without power at the old home, we completed the move, thawed out, and got the computers plugged in again!!!

Remember that gorgeous blue sky and dainty pink blossoms from a few posts ago…what a difference a week can make!

Now, here are a few shots of our new place, the snow covered road leading to it, the yard, and finally the day we moved in officially-with most of the snow melted…

March 12, 2009 - 7:28 pm

Amy Caudle Lack - I love your house. It looks so cozy!