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    Its those sparkling eyes and soft little toes, a head thrown back in a full belly laugh, the lingering embraces of new love and love that has weathered the storms; Its the giddy giggles, tears of joy, longing glances, and so many more holy moments of life that you've allowed me to share with you
    ...that has kept me captivated for more than a dozen years.

    Thank you for inviting and trusting me, not only to cover your story, but to become a part of it as well!

    Who could ask for a better life than this? I am so grateful!

Welcome Sweet Little Evan!

Mike and Kim welcome their sweet son, Evan! He was an early bird and made us miss Mom’s maternity session, but he’s a keeper! He likes to be clothed…really, he hates to be naked, but he surprised us all when we put him on his belly on the soft black cloth-maybe we’ve found a new way for you guys to change his diaper!  It was awesome to meet all 3 of you! Here are a few of my favorites from our time together…


To see Evan’s baby show, click here!

Happy Birthday, Ashlyn!

If you’re a regular visitor of my blog, you’ve heard about these sweet children I call my nieces and nephews! They are soo precious! We were happy to celebrate Ashlyn’s first birthday last weekend! She’s a hoot of a girl…laid back and full of expression…3rd child to the 3rd child of us…my youngest sister’s one princess among handsome princes. Happy Birthday, sweet girl! We love you!

To see here show click here!

Happy Birthday, Daniel!

I can’t think of a better setting for a 4 year old’s birthday party than the local Fire Department! It’s the year every car ride is full of exclamations of “Firetruck!” ,” Tractor!”, “18 Wheeler!” and anything else with wheels that’s BIG! I still occasionally catch myself yelling out-sometimes in a car full of women (who just laugh, cause they had boys, too!)

Daniels’ celebration was super fun for all the kids! The balloon guy made amazing things-like the firetruck complete with a hose and a fireman’s hat for Daniel…and butterflies, and swords, and even caricatures of the parents! Fireman Miller gave everyone the tour of the station and showed off his cool gear! There are sooo many fun things to photograph…here are a few images that showcase the guest of honor…Happy 4th Birthday, Daniel!

To see Daniel’s Birthday show, click here!

Welcome Duncan!

Baby Duncan is here and we’re very excited to welcome him! He’s got a head full of hair like his daddy and is sweet as pie like his mommy! The only thing I have against him is he’s made my little guy want a baby brother! Oh my! Here are a few of my favorites from our session….


To see Duncan’s show, click here!


When David married Caroline, we were all so thrilled to have her join our group of friends…and now, a few years later, she is about to give birth to their first child-a baby boy! We cannot wait to lay eyes on him! To help pass the time we decided to take a few “belly” photos…I think she was getting pressure from many of her friends to not let the moment pass without them! I’m so glad she allowed me to capture her in her final weeks-I think she’s beautiful! See….

To see her beautiful show, click here!

Baby is here! Photos will be posted soon!