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    Its those sparkling eyes and soft little toes, a head thrown back in a full belly laugh, the lingering embraces of new love and love that has weathered the storms; Its the giddy giggles, tears of joy, longing glances, and so many more holy moments of life that you've allowed me to share with you
    ...that has kept me captivated for more than a dozen years.

    Thank you for inviting and trusting me- not only to cover your story but to become a part of it as well!

    Who could ask for a better life than this? I am so grateful!

Extended Family Photos

Extended family sessions SCARE people.

Really, all the coordinating of outfits, schedules, location, selections, and then there’s keeping everyone happy before and during… AND THEN, when the sprinklers come on unexpectedly and a storm is rolling in super fast, we can only laugh! Why do we torture ourselves?!?



All the legacy. What a treasure!

(And nobody got wet or hurt!)

Come on… BE BRAVE!


Class of 2018

Class of 2018- It’s your year to shine!

I am so looking forward to showcasing this senior class throughout the coming year!

I took a small group of KDP Senior Reps to the gorgeous setting of  Sol Flowers of Anderson.

These girls make me smile! They are funny and adventurous and silly and strong and creative and smart and sweet and snarky- beautiful inside and out.

They haven’t all selected their images but I’m posting these so I can get senior pricing out!

It’s going to be a great year!!!

If you wonder if I shoot senior guys, too- YES! I DO!

Take a look at my SENIOR SHOW of the Class of 2017! 

Oh, We’re Half Way There

Oh oh… we’re half way there!

Summer is ticking by and the first KDP Summer Series has been so fun!

The Treeside Bed Minis are in a previous post and here’s what’s been happening since then…

Summer has been sweet and a little juicy, too!

The Rose Garden Minis are coming! Aug 1-2! Email me for details.


One of my favorite things over the past year has been meeting and photographing inspiring seniors. This month has been their month of celebration.

Here’s a snapshot of the KDP Seniors of 2o17.



Now booking the Class of 2018. Email me at to hear about the upcoming senior specials and the new KDP Senior referral plan.