It’s Not Us

This post is for all the mommies. You see photos of gorgeous kids smiling and you dream of having your own perfect photos of your kiddos-after all, they are the most adorable kids in the world! Right?! Then right before the day of our session they scratch their nose, fall off the couch and get a black eye, skip their nap, nap too early, and then even refuse to show their million dollar smile during the session. All the ways a session can be sabatoged-toddlers find a way!

I always tell moms of toddlers-THIS is UNIVERSAL!

Some of you act like you don’t believe me-that I’m just trying to make you feel better-but really I cannot make up these stories!

So remember, it’s not you and it’s definitely not me…it is the code of toddlerhood. How they communicate to each other is beyond me-seriously baffling. The best thing about a toddler is that they aren’t consistent. They can be in a full on belly laugh and melt into a cry within seconds!

(Just think how they’d be watching Steel Magnolias!)

I wanted to show you miss priss who wasn’t impressed at yesterday’s Toddler Tuesday. Like-NOT AT ALL impressed with her mommy or the gentle breeze blowing or the birds chirping or her favorite toy or me-definitely not me!

She’s so adorable I got her mommy’s permission to post these!

The good news is 99% of second sessions with toddlers go 100% better~So stayed tuned!

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