Christmas Minis-Awards and Sign-ups

Those who know me well know that one of my cheeks is always bulging because I love “tongue-in-cheek” antics.  (There are probably counselors for this but where’s the fun in being reformed from harmless annoyances?!) I needed to tell you this before my story because- in spite of all the desires- no one has created a sarcasm font yet.


One crisp fall morning I was flipping through a few of my go-to magazines for inspiration for my upcoming Christmas set and I began to draw on the nearest envelope. I took what I drew and described it to my friend Brandi and asked her to help me style it. We each gathered items and “threw it together” in time for a promo shoot with her adorable family. It was one of my favorite sets…and seemingly it’s a favorite of other photographers as well as it’s shown up on numerous pages to promote Christmas mini sessions across the states! So I thought Brandi and I deserve an award!

Drum roll…..


in the history of all photography!

Thank you for the integrity of my sources across the states who understand copyright laws and are taking time out of their busy schedules to help others keep it real! (No sarcasm here!)

All joking aside, I’m very excited about this year’s Christmas mini-session set, but I will not be doing the usual promo shoot because of rental items. The set will be created around a rustic sleigh-like structure for a sentimental stroll into Christmas-as if to grandmother’s house you go…

Spots are still available HERE!

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