Sabrina and Family

When I met Sabrina she was full of questions and eager to begin her photography journey. Fast forward many years and she is doing amazing work and I am asking her questions all the time and I usually add the grandma emoji at the end of those texts! She’s tried to help me keep up in this fast changing world of social media. It’s so NOT intuitive for this mid-lifer who had ONE  computer on the entire floor of senior dorm and we won’t talk about how huge it was.

Sabrina and I wanted something different for this session so met INSIDE  at the gorgeous Southern Bleachery venue at Taylor’s Mill. Here are my favorites of their fun family of four! I’m pretty sure one of these made the ABOUT page on her new website! Check it out HERE!


With a 2 year old and well-just with a 2 year old- you get some fun photobombs and outtakes!


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