Final and First Chapter

I don’t want to steal the spotlight from this bride and groom so I’ve been wrestling with how to spin this post. The truth is when I stepped out of fear and said Yes to my first wedding…

…I had no idea the adventure I was beginning.

It has been a journey of hard work and tremendous joy! There has been a generous mix of  frustration and struggles and rejection and  victories and fulfillment and celebration.  I have tried to be the best I could be and succeeded then come up short then succeeded again. I have cried tears of sadness on this side of emails and tears of exhaustion in the wee hours of Sunday mornings.  I have wiped away tears of reflection as a dad’s given his daughter’s hand and mom’s squeezed her son at the end of their dance. I have cried tears of joy with for the sweetest couples. I have been drenched with tears of worship in balconies as I stood in awe of the holiness of marriage. At the end of this amazing journey I am both spent and renewed. I can honestly say my heart and soul has been in it!

It has been a humbling and wild ride!  

I am beyond grateful for all of you who’ve trusted me on your wedding day!

On January 9, 2016 I photographed my final church wedding at Grace Downtown. (I have a few smaller weddings left this year and a few more fall weddings to blog.)

I could not have hand selected a more sentimental final wedding.   Jordan, you were just an adorable little thing when Mike and I got placed with your parents in our first small group at Grace. It has been fun to watch you grow and mature into a strong, beautiful woman. Tyler, you have led my son in wild fun and spiritual growth for years. You are going to be an awesome leader in your home.

One chapter closes and another is just beginning.

 I don’t believe the adventure of marriage is much different from my journey I just described.

It is hard work…rewarding hard work.

It is holy ground.

Don’t let the world tell you anything different. I am so thrilled for the two of you and your families.

Please celebrate with me and with this sweet husband and wife

as you enjoy a recap of “our” special day!

       Congratulations, Mr & Mrs Fletcher!

Enjoy their wedding show!


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