A Cowboy, a Clown, and a Werewolf Walk into a Bar

A cowboy, a clown, and a werewolf walk into a bar… oh wait, that was another story.

Let me start over…

…there was a werewolf and a cowboy and a tiny little clown. Werewolf and Cowboy had gotten word that their baby brother, Clown, was in danger of being captured because, although he was a sweet little clown, there were mean clowns messing up his turf. So they set out to be his hero.


When they found him, Clown didn’t want to leave. He loved being in his woods. He cried and cried until he eventually believed his brothers were doing this for his own good!

The motley crew began to grow weary in their travels. Then out of nowhere they came across a set of doors in the middle of their path. Hoping to find water and food, Werewolf bravely knocked while the others looked on with uncertainty. To their joy and relief a beautiful fair maiden answered. Her beauty was only matched by the sight of the bucket of candy she was carrying. The werewolf and cowboy and clown began to grin and drool… CANDY!!!

They thanked the beautiful lady and went away to divide their loot evenly. They were full of glee! WEEEE!!!! CANDY!!!!

Then, with the sweetest sugar-buzz of all time, Werewolf, Cowboy, and Clown lived…


Werewolf…….. Oliver

Cowboy……. Peter

Clown…… Ira

Fair Maiden….. Laurel

Special Effects….. Mom and Dad

Photography…… Kim DeLoach Photography

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