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    Its those sparkling eyes and soft little toes, a head thrown back in a full belly laugh, the lingering embraces of new love and love that has weathered the storms; Its the giddy giggles, tears of joy, longing glances, and so many more holy moments of life that you've allowed me to share with you
    ...that has kept me captivated for more than a dozen years.

    Thank you for inviting and trusting me- not only to cover your story but to become a part of it as well!

    Who could ask for a better life than this? I am so grateful!

A Cowboy, a Clown, and a Werewolf Walk into a Bar

A cowboy, a clown, and a werewolf walk into a bar… oh wait, that was another story.

Let me start over…

…there was a werewolf and a cowboy and a tiny little clown. Werewolf and Cowboy had gotten word that their baby brother, Clown, was in danger of being captured because, although he was a sweet little clown, there were mean clowns messing up his turf. So they set out to be his hero.


When they found him, Clown didn’t want to leave. He loved being in his woods. He cried and cried until he eventually believed his brothers were doing this for his own good!

The motley crew began to grow weary in their travels. Then out of nowhere they came across a set of doors in the middle of their path. Hoping to find water and food, Werewolf bravely knocked while the others looked on with uncertainty. To their joy and relief a beautiful fair maiden answered. Her beauty was only matched by the sight of the bucket of candy she was carrying. The werewolf and cowboy and clown began to grin and drool… CANDY!!!

They thanked the beautiful lady and went away to divide their loot evenly. They were full of glee! WEEEE!!!! CANDY!!!!

Then, with the sweetest sugar-buzz of all time, Werewolf, Cowboy, and Clown lived…


Werewolf…….. Oliver

Cowboy……. Peter

Clown…… Ira

Fair Maiden….. Laurel

Special Effects….. Mom and Dad

Photography…… Kim DeLoach Photography

Sophie and her family

I’ve loved meeting members of the class of 2017! They are ready to take on the world.

Meet Sophie! She’s  beauty!

She loves traveling, Young Life, style, women’s rights, and her adorable turquoise camera (that I almost had to nab.)

We met at her home and invited the whole family to join in! I hope you enjoy these!

We throw what we know- Young Life! Congratulations, Sophie! I hope your senior year is awesome!

Christmas Minis-Awards and Sign-ups

Those who know me well know that one of my cheeks is always bulging because I love “tongue-in-cheek” antics.  (There are probably counselors for this but where’s the fun in being reformed from harmless annoyances?!) I needed to tell you this before my story because- in spite of all the desires- no one has created a sarcasm font yet.


One crisp fall morning I was flipping through a few of my go-to magazines for inspiration for my upcoming Christmas set and I began to draw on the nearest envelope. I took what I drew and described it to my friend Brandi and asked her to help me style it. We each gathered items and “threw it together” in time for a promo shoot with her adorable family. It was one of my favorite sets…and seemingly it’s a favorite of other photographers as well as it’s shown up on numerous pages to promote Christmas mini sessions across the states! So I thought Brandi and I deserve an award!

Drum roll…..


in the history of all photography!

Thank you for the integrity of my sources across the states who understand copyright laws and are taking time out of their busy schedules to help others keep it real! (No sarcasm here!)

All joking aside, I’m very excited about this year’s Christmas mini-session set, but I will not be doing the usual promo shoot because of rental items. The set will be created around a rustic sleigh-like structure for a sentimental stroll into Christmas-as if to grandmother’s house you go…

Spots are still available HERE!